Monument Care

Ordering and care of monuments is the responsibility of the customer.
Before ordering monument and grave markers please become familiar with the cemetery’s requirements- see Cemetery Rules and Regulations below.



The cemetery and families have different responsibilities regarding upkeep and maintenance.
For an overview of services provided, and that are essential to protect all lawns, sidewalks, stones, monuments, markers and more, click here.

Please refer to Section H to Section O of the Rules and Regulations for more information on monuments.

Section A.

Interment in the Cemetery shall be limited to persons of the Jewish faith and their spouses. The Cemetery shall have the exclusive authority to prescribe the mode in which any plot, niche or crypt is utilized.

Section B.

Only Jewish clergy or Jewish people knowledgeable in the traditions of our faith may officiate at a funeral service. Rituals associated with other faiths may not be performed in the Cemetery.

Section C.

The Cemetery will schedule services in consideration of a family’s wishes and the time constraints of staffing. Interments will not be scheduled on Shabbat, major Jewish holidays or legal holidays. Interments shall not take place without a properly filed Permit for Disposition of Human Remains obtained by the Funeral Director from the County Health Department No interment shall take place unless the balance due has been paid or a payment plan has been arranged.

Section D.

The Cemetery establishes a maximum capacity for burial spaces, crypts and niches. For single graves and crypts, the maximum capacity Is one casket and one um of cremated remains, or two urns of cremated remains. For niches and urn garden spaces, the maximum capacity will be stated in the Purchase Agreement.

Section E.

Interment rights in the Cemetery cannot be assigned by the Purchaser without prior written permission from the Cemetery.

  • Purchasers may not sell or alienate their interment rights in plots, crypts or niches, or any part or parts thereof to others, nor permit interments to be made in such spaces for remuneration or any other consideration. Any such sale shall be void.
  • Upon request from the Purchaser, the Cemetery will void this Agreement and will refund the original purchase price, less a 10% administrative fee.
  • The Cemetery permits a non-Jewish spouse to be buried immediately adjacent to his/her Jewish partner. In the event that the non-Jewish spouse is the first of the couple to be buried, the adjacent burial space is not eligible for assignment by the Purchaser to the Cemetery under the
    provisions of this Section E.
  • Individual burial spaces that were purchased as part of a collective unit, such as a Family Estate, are not eligible for assignment under the provisions of this Section E.
  • Individual burial spaces that were acquired in a transaction involving more than two burial spaces may be eligible for assignment under the provisions of this Section E provided that the placement of the graves would make them desirable for purchase by the general public. In such an instance, the Cemetery’s Executive Director shall have sole discretion in approving or rejecting the request

Section F.

Interment services that do not arrive at the cemetery and begin before 3:00 may be subject to overtime charges for the grounds attendants.

Section G.

Garden decorations and artificial flowers or plants are not permitted. Purchaser is not permitted to plant hedges, trees, shrubs or flowers in the ground. Purchaser is not permitted to modify the landscaping. Mausoleum crypts and niches may be adorned with cut fresh flowers only. Graves may be adorned with cut fresh flowers or with plantings provided by Cemetery personnel. Potted plants must be placed on a monument base or granite cover. Potted plants are not permitted on the grass and will be removed and disposed of by cemetery workers. The Cemetery is not responsible for vases, pots or any other objects left at a gravesite.

Section H.

Upright monuments must be made of granite. Lawn markers must be made of granite or bronze. Monument dimensions must conform to the specifications in the designated section.

  • The designs are subject to approval by the Cemetery. The Cemetery reserves the right to reject a design that is not in keeping with the character of the surrounding area. Designs will also be rejected if they fall outside the established dimension guidelines or if the proposed design and inscriptions are not in keeping with the Cemetery’s norm.
  • No monument or other grave marker or any design or inscription thereon shall be installed or engraved without the Cemetery’s prior written approval. Before the Cemetery will approve a grave marker, the monument fabricator must submit a complete plan and drawing of all designs, inscriptions and cameo pictures, including dimensions, along with a request to install a foundation and full payment of the foundation fee.
  • Only Jewish religious symbols are permitted; iconography and representations identified with other faiths are not permitted. Photographs, drawings and etchings of animals or other figures are not permitted on monuments.
  • Occupied graves must be paid in full prior to erecting a monument Monuments may be erected on unoccupied graves but may not be veiled or covered. Such coverings will be removed.

Section I.

The Purchaser and monument fabricator are responsible for the accuracy of the monument inscriptions and the alignment of names on a double headstone compared to the actual occupied graves.

Section J.

Monument foundations will be constructed by Cemetery personnel. The Cemetery will not pour a foundation until the approval process is completed as outlined in Section G above.

Section K.

Additional designs, etchings, inscriptions or cameo pictures added after the monument’s approval and installation must be approved in writing by the Cemetery. Non-approved alterations shall be immediately removed at the expense of the monument maker and the owner. If the monument maker and the Purchaser do not remove such monument or other grave marker, the Cemetery will remove the same at the expense of the monument maker and the owner.

Section L.

Monuments and grave markers must be installed by approved monument fabricators who have current certificates of insurance on file with the cemetery office. Monument fabricators and installers will conform to the Cemetery’s regular working hours and to scheduled burials. Permanent modifications to headstones or planter boxes must be performed by approved monument fabricators or the Cemetery staff. Unauthorized modifications may be removed at the Cemetery’s discretion.

Section M.

The Cemetery is not responsible for the aging, water marks or discoloration of installed monuments. The Cemetery is also not responsible for acts of God, vandals, thieves or malicious mischief makers.

Section N.

The right to enter the cemetery and Mausoleum shall be by permission. Any person intentionally violating the rules of the Cemetery, or injuring in any way the property therein, or acting in any manner unbecoming to the sanctity of the place may be forthwith deprived of the permission of entrance.

Section O.

If any trees or shrubs shall in any way become detrimental to the adjoining gravesites, walkways or streets, the Cemetery may remove same without notice to the owner. Endowed plantings will be replaced. Existing trees, hedges or shrubs that may have affected a purchase decision shall not be considered permanent and may be removed or replaced at the Cemetery’s discretion.

Section P.

The general supervision and management of the Cemetery is the responsibility of the Executive Director of the HOE/ HOP Management Group. Any situation not covered by these rules shall be addressed to the Executive Director. Purchasers may appeal the Executive Director’s decision to the Board. The Board’s decision regarding a situation shall be final.

Section Q.

The foregoing Rules and Regulations may, from time to time, without notice to the Purchaser, be modified and changed by the Cemetery. Such modifications and changes shall become binding upon all Purchasers.

Section R.

State law gives you the right to know about future plans to use this Cemetery for any other purpose. If you want to receive information about a future change, you must contact the local planning office.

Section S.

State Law requires that the following information be on all contracts: For more information on cemetery and cremation matters, contact: The Cemetery Board, 1625 North Market Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95834. Phone: 916.574-7870.