Buried Treasures

Morris “Mo” Bernstein

Hills of Eternity Mausoleum, Terrace of Hope, fan south, C-3

By Judi Leff

It is hard to condense an appropriate tribute to this man who had such an impact on the Jewish and civic communities for 40 years in San Francisco. Born in New York in 1905, he obtained a Rutgers University law degree but did not practice. A consummate salesman, he once stopped traffic in downtown SF with a truckload of rare nylon stockings he had delivered to the old Weinstein's department store during wartime. His October 13, 1991 obituary in the San Francisco Examiner gives him credit—along with Fairmont Hotel owner Ben Swig and clothing maven Adolph Schuman—for reshaping traditionally Republican San Francisco into "the liberal stronghold of today." READ MORE
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